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Carp Lakes Germany

Fishing in pure nature!

We can offer you  fishing days on our wonderful lakes on the edge of the Harz. The 2 lakes are private property and measure all in all 23 hectares. The first lake (Steinfeldsee) measures 14 hectares, the second lake (Brockenblick) 9 hectares . Here you can relax and fish  carp, amur and tench.

Relaxing and fishing

                       Our Lakes

Our carp lakes Steinfeldsee and Brockenblick are rogth next to each other- Both lakes are between 4 and 6 meters deep, some with vegetation and a dinghy is an advantage. It can be fishe around the clock with 3 rods.

All fishing spots can be reached directly by car for unloading. The carp stock at Steinfeldsee is approx. 550 carps from 6 until 25 kilo. The stock at Brockenblick is approx. 330 carps also from 6 until 25 kilo.

Likewise both lakes have a good stock of tench (up to 5 kilo) and Amur up to 28 kilo.

The lakes are located on the Harz between Goslar/Oker and Vienenburg, 50 kilometers in the south of Braunschweig. In Vienenburg there are several supermarkets, petrol stations and pizza service.

In the Lierestrasse at our lakes 1 - 6  we have a station for shower and waste about 2 kilometers from our lakes.



Ticket prices for 2020  for Steinfeldsee and



48hr ticket          88.- Euros

Weekly ticket   245.- Euros

35.-  Euros per 24hr will be charged after 3 days.

Please book weekly ticket , we only accept 7 fishers at  Steinfeldsee und 5 fishers at Brockenblick at the same time.

Our lakes can be booked entirely. Minimum 3 days.

Steinfeldsee for one day and max. 7 Person  250.-- Euro

Brockenblick for one day and max.  person 190.-- Euro

Arrival and departure between 11am and 12pm. 

For every booking you will receive a bill. After payment we will send you the tickets and an access code.

The fishing pitches can’t be booked in advance.

For every booking you will receive a bill. After payment we will send you the tickets and a access code.