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We can offer you  fishing days on our wonderful lakes on the edge of the Harz. The 3 lakes are private property and measure all in all 33 hectares. The first lake (Steinfeldsee) measures 14 hectares, the second lake (Brockenblick) 9 hectares  and the last one was the Harlyblick with 10 Hektar. Here you can relax and fish  carp, amur and tench.The lake record at Harlyblick is 27 kilos.


Relaxing and fishing

                       Our Lakes

Our carp lakes Steinfeldsee , Brockenblick and  Harlyblick are rogth next to each other-  all 3 lakes are between 4 and 6 meters deep, some with vegetation and a dinghy is an advantage. It can be fishe around the clock with 3 rods.

All fishing spots can be reached directly by car for unloading. The carp stock at Steinfeldsee is approx. 550 carps from 6 until 25 kilo. The stock at Brockenblick is approx. 330 carps also from 6 until 25 kilo.

Likewise both lakes have a good stock of tench (up to 5 kilo) and Amur up to 28 kilo.

The lakes are located on the Harz between Goslar/Oker and Vienenburg, 50 kilometers in the south of Braunschweig. In Vienenburg there are several supermarkets, petrol stations and pizza service.

In the Lierestrasse at our lakes 1 - 6  we have a station for shower and waste about 2 kilometers from our lakes.



Ticket prices for 2020  for Steinfeldsee ,Brockenblick and Harlyblick


48hr ticket          90.- Euros

Weekly ticket   250.- Euros

35.-  Euros per 24hr will be charged after 3 days.

Please book weekly ticket , we only accept 7 fishers at  Steinfeldsee und 5 fishers at Brockenblick and 6 fishers at Harlyblick at the same time.

Our lakes can be booked entirely. Minimum 3 days.

Steinfeldsee for one day and max. 7 person  230.-- Euro

Brockenblick for one day and max.  5  person 160.-- Euro

Harlyblick for one day and max. 6 person  175.-- Euro

Arrival and departure between 11am and 12pm. 

For every booking you will receive a bill. After payment we will send you the tickets and an access code.

The fishing pitches can’t be booked in advance.

For every booking you will receive a bill. After payment we will send you the tickets and a access code.


Wir beraten Sie gerne.


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Es gelten die aktuellen Coronaverordnungen. Bei Nichteinhaltung erfolgt Platzverweis.


An unseren Störseen unbedingt  mit Monofilen ab 0,45 oder Geflochtenen ab 0,30 fischen und als Ruten entweder Welsruten, Spod- oder Pelletsruten benützen.

Harlyblick 54 Pfund

Rekordschleie 2017 mit guten 10 Pfund

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