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Beluga, Siluro,Pike, Karpfenangeln, Stör, Waller, Hecht La Motta Seen

Harz-Karpfen 39 Pfund


                     La Motta Lakes



Welcome to our La Motta Lakes


Fishing in pure nature!

We can offer you  fishing days on our wonderful lakes on the edge of the Harz. All 3 lakes are private property and measure all in all 17 hectares. The first lake measures 2.5 hectares, the second lake 6 hectares and the third one 9 hectares. Here you can relax and fish for catfish and carp. But the lakes also have a very good stock of perch, whiting, tench and pike.

   Carp, catfish and more

Relaxing and fishing


We caught a 203cm big catfish on our first try.

Absolute calmness at our lakes.

A maximum of 10 fishers spread out on 18 hectares and 3 lakes.


Discover untouched nature around our lakes. Here you can attend your favourite hobby, far away from stress and rush and without mass production.




Lakes 1-2-3


“Catch and Relax” is our slogan


The lakes are about 20 to 25 years old flooded gravel pits and are up to 6 meters deep. We have 18 fishing spots for a maximum of 10 fishers available. You are able to fish at all 3 lakes with a fishing permit. At nearly all of the fishing spots the ground is made of solid gravel.



Here are some impressions of our lakes


Lake 1

Type of waters: flooded gravel pit

Size: about 2.5 hectares

Depth: up to 6 meters

Fish population: sturgeon, catfish, pike, carp, perch,

Lake 2

Type of waters: flooded gravel pit

Size: about 6 hectares

Depth: up to 6 meters

Fish population: sturgeon, catfish, pike, carp, perch, whiting


Lake 3

Type of waters: flooded gravel pit

Size: about 9 hectares

Depth: up to 6 meters

Fish population: pike, carp, perch, whiting, tench







Ticket prices for 2016


48hr ticket          88.- Euros

Weekly ticket   245.- Euros

35.-  Euros per 24hr will be charged after 3 days


Please book Weekly ticket and 24hr ticket in advance for we only accept 10 fishers at all three lakes at the same time.

We ask 10.- Euros for non-fishers per night/day.


NEW! WINTER RATES. In the months from November to February a 24hr ticket for only 25.-  Euros!


Our lakes can be booked entirely. Minimum 2 days.


From Sunday to Friday 350.- Euros per day.

From Friday to Sunday 795.- Euros for all days.

From Sunday to Sunday please request rates.


Arrival and departure between 11am and 12pm. The number of persons booking is limited to 10 people.


For every booking you will receive a bill. After payment we will send you the tickets and an access code.

The fishing pitches can’t be booked in advance.#




Tickets here: or from our partners from Vienenburg.


Angelshop Vienenburg
Lange Wilhelm Strasse 27
38690 Vienenburg/Wiedelah        
Ph: 0170 310 40 43  (from 4pm).


Opening times: Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 8pm

                         Saturday from 9am to 1pm upon consultation


Address of our lakes:

Ende Lierestrasse

38690 Vienenburg/Goslar




- Drive slowly from the roads/Lierestrasse from Vienenburg to the lakes.

- Camping only without ground sheet. Beer tent furniture, pavilions and crew tents are prohibited to ensure preservation of nature. Distance between fishing pitches and fishing rod should be maximum 20 meters.

- Making fires and barbecuing is prohibited.

- Please observe protected area around lake 3.

- Parking only on marked car parks.

- Rubber dinghies are prohibited. Bait boats are prohibited on Lake 1. Admissibly on Lake 2 and 3.

- Only single hooks are allowed.

- Food and boilies etc. maximum of 3kg per

- Unhooking mat and landing net are compulsory.

- Please don’t leave trash lying around and keep fishing pitch clean.

- Trash can be disposed of at the waterworks/exit of the venue in containers.

- Don’t leave your cigarette butts lying around. Please collect them.

- Dogs are allowed but are to be put on a leash.

- If these regulations are violated, the fishing permit can be withdrawn without refund.

No braided mainlines for fishing carp and unhooking mats are obligatory. No carp sacks and no peanuts. Disinfection  necessary. You are able to fish at all 3 lakes with the fishing permit.



Attention should be paid to this

Closed Periods and Minimum Sizes

            Species                          Minimum Size                  Periods Closed




Trout                                           30 cm                              1.10. - 28.02.

Pike                                            70 cm                              1.02. - 15.04.

Tench                                          25 cm                              15.05. - 30.06.

Carp                                           40 cm

Catfish smaller than 120cm can be removed. Bigger catfish have to be put back for they are dams.

Sturgeons are spared all year through. If you catch a sturgeon please but it back in shallow water. Under no circumstances in deep water!

For preservation reasons, carp bigger than 65cm and pike bigger than 100cm have to be put back into the water.

- Fishing only with valid licence permitted.

- Angler has to carry fishing licence and fishing permit with him at all times and has to show  when requested by supervisory authority.

- The angler is obliged to the legal regulations of the state of Lower Saxony.

- Catch limit: per day/per person/per species quantity of 2 allowed.


About us

You are looking for a competent, experienced and friendly partner who supports you with your travel planning and ensures that you feel comfortable? Welcome to our La Motta Lakes at Vienenburg!

The company DIWA with residence in Bad Saulgau is operator of the lakes in Vienenburg. Furthermore we convey fishing trips in Italy under and

We wish you fun planning your holiday trip!




How to get to us

Our employees gladly provide you with guidance and resources. Convince yourself – come and stop by!

Please state full address when booking.

La Motta Seen

Lierestrasse      38690 Vienenburg

Office and management

Gutenbergstr. 26     88348 Bad Saulgau

Tel: +49 151 501 97 427     Email:

We are open all year round, except when the lakes are frozen.

La Motta Lakes 38690 Vienenburg / the end of Lierestrasse

La Motta Lakes